Cloud Service Extravaganza!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “cloud” recently. There are lots of “cloud services” that are popping up in and around SQL Azure so I’d like to take a moment to put a few things into perspective.

Here’s a quick summary for each:

SQL Azure

  • A database engine platform as a service

SQL Azure Data Sync

  • A service which will synchronize data between database engines

SQL Azure Import/Export (New – see the next post!)

  • A service that will load data directly between a SQL Azure database and Windows Azure BLOB storage

So to rationalize in a nutshell, SQL Azure is the core database and there are other services which provide additional value and capabilities. The Data Sync service is designed to replicate data between different SQL databases whereas the import/export service is designed specifically for data loading scenarios to and from a file format.


2 Responses to Cloud Service Extravaganza!

  1. Hi dacguy,

    Just came across your very informative blog about the DAC framework so thanks for communicating all the relevant info. I wish I had come across it earlier.

    I wanted to ask if you’ve know about how to get Data-tier applications/DACs working with SQL Azure Data Sync. Given that SQL Azure Data Sync automatically creates tables within a database (which is outside of the usual workflow of adding schema objects to the Data-tier application within Visual Studio and then deploying the DACPAC to the database in question), how do these coexist together? Once I’ve setup SQL Azure Data Sync on my database the next deployment of my DACPAC to that database notices that data motion has occurred and deletes the schema objects created by SQL Azure Data Sync.

    Thanks ahead of time for your response,

    • dacguy says:

      The DataSync team is working towards providing the ability to sync schema changes as well as data. For now, I recommend you extract a new DACPAC that contains your schema after you enable DataSync, that way the DACPAC retains the schema definition for the extra schema objects created by DataSync and will no longer remove them upon the next DAC upgrade.

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