In order to be able to provide some of the nice features the DACFx services have, DACFx needs to be able to track some metadata about each application instance (database) that is being managed through DACFx services. DACFx tracks this metadata by ‘registering’ a database. Registration involves creating an entry in some instance level system tables for the database at hand that includes:

  1. Database name
  2. DAC application name
  3. Application description
  4. DAC version number
  5. The current schema definition stored as the same XML found in the DACPAC

Let’s say you have an existing database you would like to start managing using DAC. You can start by registering this database. Here’s a walkthrough:

Under the covers, registration uses the Extract service already discussed and then stores the extracted information (including the schema) inside the DAC registration. For those interested, this information is stored in these system tables:



Once a database is registered, you cannot re-register it. You can however delete the registration and then register the database again.


2 Responses to Registration

  1. the export from azure portal is not working for me. Message is : “Error encountered during the service operation unable to connect …”, I have followed all the steps of the video

  2. dacguy says:

    Hey Toto, is this problem still recurring for you? When do you see this error? Are you in the portal with the wizard all filled out trying to submit the request?

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