SQL Azure Import/Export Service has hit Production

January 24, 2012

Many folks have been anxious about when the service will go into production, the answer is now! A new version of the service has been deployed. The production release of the service comes with:

Improved Performance

The service has implemented a new connection pooling and parallelization strategy to deliver significantly improved performance for all types of databases. While actual results may vary, the average import or export should now be approximately three times faster!


Improved Resiliency

Several connectivity issues both transient and permanent have been identified and addressed in order to provide a more reliable experience.


New Feature: Selective Export

Customers who only want to export certain tables for performance reasons or because the data doesn’t change often can provide a list of tables to export. The resultant BACPAC will contain the full schema definition plus the table data only for the specified tables. The selectively exported BACPAC can be imported just like a fully exported BACPAC. For now, the sample EXE must be used to submit these types of requests. Customers using the service’s REST endpoints directly can always bypass the EXE.


New Feature: Progress Reporting

The current progress for a request will be shown as a percentage in order to provide better feedback on the current state of the request.


Production Support

The service is no longer provided as a CTP, it is a fully supported production service. Support questions can be moved from the labs section to the main SQL Azure section.


New sample EXE

The new EXE provides a reference implementation of the selective export feature. Older versions of the EXE will continue to work without disruption. As always, the sample EXE and its sources are available at the DAC examples CodePlex site.



The basics on how to use the service are covered in this previously shown video which shows you how to export:


Combined with this previously shown video which covers importing:


Then this new video covers the new features now available as a part of the production release:



We hope you find this release provides a vastly improved experience and look forward to your feedback!